Come with Me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest." Mark 6:31

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The entire downstairs (2 bedrooms, living room, and bathroom) are completely for guest use. There's also a small fridge and microwave for guest use - but we always let guests use our fridge and kitchen as well. The treadmill, rowing machine, and WiFit in the basement is also available for guests to use. There's a large deck off the main floor - and a patio underneath the deck that is entirely for guests
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  • ""Every time we are here I gain a deeper sense of God?s presence~~~~~~~~~` This week has been such a wonderful time of rest and refreshment, laughter and sweet memories~~~~~~~..."
    A few expressions of gratitude from our guests
  • "Greetings from Montana, We were encouraged to let you know how much we enjoy the ministry of Hospitality Homes. We have stayed in 3 different homes and have enjoyed them all. 1 ..."
    We enjoy the ministry of Hospitality Homes.
  • "We would like to thank God for the host family of the Chester Hospitality Home. They are wonderful hosts and the house is amazingly designed to provide a peaceful environment fo..."
    Senior Pastor